• E-Blasts

  • Advertise your business, your promotion or event with a dedicated E-Blast to our 1,400 email subscribers !

    E-Blasts are dedicated emails sent out to approx. 1,400 email addresses including Chamber members and other community individuals.

    Typically we send out E-Blasts on any day except a Monday.

    The cost of an E-Blast is $75 and is invoiced to you on the day we send out the E-Blast.

    For more details on sending out an E-Blast, how to go about getting on the E-Blast schedule and what we require from you, contact Jillian Nolan, Chamber Operations Manager at 248 693 6300 or jillian@orionareachamber.com. Typically, we like at least a week’s notice (and the flyer/text graphics) before you would like an e-blast to go out.